My name is Beth Downing, and I am the very proud Artist
behind Beth's Babies Nursery.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I first started reborning in June 2006, and I have never looked back! During this time I have continued to grow as an artist and studied with different techniques, using different tools and not being afraid to try different ways of painting and furthering my skills.

I have been very happy to have made over 300 mums and dads worldwide, very pleased with their new little additions. I have also been able to reborn prototype babies and won many awards for my work in this time. I am ever so grateful and feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to make others happy with my work.

I have had a lot of criticism about how much time I spend on creating my babies, and I don't think they understand, for the amount of work and attention every baby needs, to create, I need to take my time, I put as much care and love in every baby I create, with each layer of paint, with every crease I outline, with some blemishes and blotches, bruising and birthmarks is thought of extremely carefully before it is placed, and each and every single hair I insert in baby's scalp, is put in so carefully one hair at a time and never jabbed like you see in some You Tube clips and rooting DVD's. So please take a look through my Babies photos, I am sure you will like what you see.

I have also added a basic tutorial on how to reborn for anyone who is interested in giving it a go. Thank you for reading about my love for my work and please sign my Guest Book which is at the bottom of each page.

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